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Exam Security and Conduct 

Exam-takers are required to adhere to The Strategy Institute's examination policies and procedures to ensure a fair and secure exam experience.  

Essential Guidelines

  • Ensure your internet connection and computer/ laptop is compatible with the system requirements. 
  • The mock exam is available 24 hours before the main exam. It is essential to prepare for the mock exam and become familiar with all the exam terms, conditions, and rules.  Show up at your desk at least 30-50 minutes prior to your exam start time giving you ample time to check your internet connectivity, and system compatibility. 
  • Avoid carrying any personal items in the exam room including mobile phones, digital assistants, reading material including the TSI handbooks, tablets, e-readers, digital watches, and any other electronic device except the computer/ laptop you will be appearing for the exam on. You are only allowed to have a webcam and an external mouse connected to your device.  
  • Make sure all browser tabs and applications are closed and logged out before the exam in case you are using a laptop or computer from work. Any notification pop-ups from email or chat will terminate your exam immediately. 
  • Avoid seeking any breaks or relocating during the examination. You should be visible at all times on the exam screen. If you are partially visible on the exam screen at any point throughout the exam, your exam may be terminated.

Disciplinary Actions 

Exam-takers are required to accept and follow all established security protocols in an effort to ensure a fair testing environment for all. Exam-takers must acknowledge and adhere to all TSI policies and procedures before taking their exam.  

TSI has an impartial and consistent procedure for evaluating cases of any breach in examination security. TSI conforms to ExamStrong™ for achieving precision, zero lag, and delivering a comfortable environment for exam-takers. Exam-takers must read and understand the TSI's exam guidelines and protocols to avoid any unintentional violation. Failure to adhere to these guidelines will be regarded as a violation of TSI's policies and procedures.  The proctor has the right to terminate the exam if the exam-taker is found to be in violation of the examination policies such as cheating, receiving or providing assistance during the exam, taking pictures of exam questions and content, and sharing them with individuals in any way and any other activity that may be deemed suspicious. 

Please contact us here if you have any specific questions before you appear for your exam. 

If any of the above is violated, it is advised to submit a formal complaint to The Strategy Institute. Prior to submitting the claim, please download and fill the Code of Ethics Violation Complaint Form and submit it via Contact Us.

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