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Exam Development

TSI exams are designed to meet industry standards and are created using feedback from industry-wide surveys and input from our team of volunteer subject matter experts. Our rigorous exam development process involves thousands of hours of work to ensure that our exams exceed the knowledge standards expected by the industry. Additionally, TSI's exam delivery, management, and security standards adhere to the highest international credential-testing standards and are managed by experienced professionals who deliver high-stakes exams worldwide for both business and non-business clients. Below are some of the key activities that TSI requires all exam developers and external exam-delivery partners to consider.

Subject matter experts (SMEs)

The development of an exam is a complex process that requires the input of subject matter experts that are involved in various stages of the process, including focus groups, item writing sessions, and item review sessions. Their role is crucial in ensuring that the exam is comprehensive and accurate. It takes a staggering 5,000 hours of subject matter expert input to develop just one exam. This emphasizes the importance of their contribution to creating assessments that are fair, reliable, and valid.

Exam Technologists and Security Experts

The TSI exam experience is flawlessly executed thanks to the dedication and expertise of a team of Exam Technologists. These highly skilled professionals have meticulously developed and maintained the exam interface and delivery system, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted testing experience for all examinees.

To further enhance the integrity of the exam-taking process, a team of specially trained experts collaborates closely with Exam Security Experts. Through this partnership, the certification exams are designed and maintained with the utmost care and attention to detail, ensuring a secure and trustworthy environment for all examinees.

Additionally, a team of highly skilled web technologists, ethical hackers, and programmers monitor the exam-taking process with precision and use modern technology to improve surveillance and proctoring standards. This ensures that examinees can devote their full attention to the exam without any distractions or concerns about the integrity of the testing process. In short, the TSI exam is a testament to the dedication and expertise of a team of professionals who prioritize the success and security of all examinees.

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