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Business Strategy Certifications

The business strategy credentials of The Strategy Institute are esteemed as the world’s most rigorously-validated evidences of how professionals comprehend and apply principles and frameworks of business strategy in their jobs and roles, and hence lift their performance and contribution by several notches above the ordinary.

The ABSP, SBSP, and the GBSL certifications of The Strategy Institute lend a heavyweight edge to business and management professionals across levels, industry, and functions. These credentials help power career growth by assuring employers that the professionals certified on the 4M-BSP standards of We possess a mature and complete understanding of how business strategy needs building into problem-solving, managerial, and leadership approaches at workplace. Our 4M-BSP knowledge-grid provides a perfect context to business strategy learning, making our certifications extend much beyond the b-school curricula.

The Strategy Institute’s Stunning Credential Packs And Digital Badges!

All individuals who pass the exams and pre-requisites for The Strategy Institute ABSP™, and SBSP™, and GBSL™ Certifications are awarded their certificates in exclusively designed credential cases. These cases contain printed certificates, designation pins, and copies of the Code of Ethics booklets – designed to forever make you feel proud of holding a well-earned The Strategy Institute Credential. What more to add to it, than digital badges! The Strategy Institute Credentials come digitally-badged, just as the qualifications and certifications of most other great institutions do. Ensuring you can spread a word out about your achievement swift on the internet, and showcase your The Strategy Institute Credential on your digital profiles everywhere – all in real time, simultaneously, anywhere, anytime! It's a spanking new way to learn toward, earn, and brandish the special in you. The Strategy Institute joins the select few institutions including a few ivy-league ones who are now on a digital badging platform.