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World’s most powerful programs for experienced business professionals, graduating MBAs and career-starters

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The Strategy Institute’s global professional standards and body of knowledge define the most advanced framework for the practice of the science and art of strategy in business. ABSP™ and SBSP™, our function-agnostic and industry neutral certifications, have earned rapid global preference among employers as well as professionals across functions and a breadth of industries, sectors backgrounds and expertise areas.

  • Associate Business Strategy
    • Add a global certification against your name in your vitae
    • Prove your promise of better performance in your expertise area
    • Ideal for graduates in business, finance, accounting & technology
    • Get your career off the blocks in style after MBA or Master's
    • Accelerate your career growth if you started out recently
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  • Senior Business Strategy Professional
    • Prove your promise of functional leadership in your expertise area
    • Accelerate your rise into senior positions in your current job
    • Increase chances of switching to better jobs with better employers
    • Enhance your capacity for professional excellence in your job
    • Multiply possibilities of switching to more strategic roles
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Stand Out Sharp

ABSP™ and SBSP™ are powerful Business Strategy certifications that help business professionals and MBA students stand out taller among their peers for their richer perspective, outlook and their potential to thrive and lead.


ABSP™ and SBSP™ are designed for graduating business students as well as for professionals who may be working across a breadth of business and management functions, industry domains and sectors. The programs combine the values of latest knowledge and a globally recognized certification to help professionals rise into leadership roles earlier and faster because of their increased potential to impact organizational goals directly.

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Top your experience and degree with a TSI Certification!

The journey of acquiring ABSP™ or SBSP™ prepares professionals about thinking, designing, modeling, executing and controlling Business Strategy in a typical organization. Equally importantly, the programs help professionals learn how to sharpen the working style in their own expertise areas by deploying their understanding of Business Strategy.


  • If You are a Business School

    We have a special academic arrangement for accredited (AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS etc.) business schools and institutions to help them get their students and alumni certified in Business Strategy.

    Remember, one of the key reasons why some institutions generally appear to fare better on graduate recruitment is because of additional certifications their students and alums acquired during the course of their Masters Program.

  • If You're into Marketing

    The ABSP™ and SBSP™ programs serve as ideal knowledge-builders and certifications for aspiring and experienced marketing professionals looking for faster career growth and improved performance in their jobs.

    Business is marketing. Business Strategy connects marketers directly with the factors that need to drive product features, pricing, promotion, sales and distribution programs and customer loyalty initiatives.

  • If You're into Finance

    ABSP™ and SBSP™ help aspiring and experienced finance professionals enrich their finance expertise with the perspective of Business Strategy.

    Business Strategy sharpens understanding of the concept of value, adding new strategic dimensions to the perception of assets, liabilities, cost, ROI etc., in the light of the organization’s needs of competitiveness, social responsibility, growth and reputation.

  • If You're into HR

    You can best understand the importance of knowing Business Strategy! ABSP™ and SBSP™ help HR professionals connect their thoughts directly to the needs of growth, leadership and sustainability.

    Talent and HR professionals need awareness and understanding of Business Strategy because people, talent and workforce are the “resources” most critically and directly related today to the organization’s capacity to follow the best path for success.

  • If You're into Technology

    Business Strategy knowledge directly sharpens engineering and design approach together with efforts of professionals, delivering output that is of maximum consequence to how effectively organizations serve their customers and stay competitive.

    The ABSP™ and SBSP™ programs help spur careers of technology majors in computer science, robotics, electronics, electrical, mechanical, structural, chemical, manufacturing and bio-technology among others.

  • If You're into Research & Business Analytics

    The ABSP™ and SBSP™ programs ground you solidly in Business Strategy concepts that serve to enhance your abilities for thinking, developing and managing your research, data and analytics plans along with models with greater effectiveness.

    Business Strategy is the best bridge to customers, consumption, buying behavior, demand dynamics, market flux and customer value propositions. Knowing Business Strategy can help you exactly identify the relevant data points for analysis and reporting.

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Because Strategy isn't just for the Top Management

ABSP™ and SBSP™ certifications are designed for professionals working at all levels of management. In the knowledge era when businesses and their stakeholders are interconnected in real time, the whole world becomes the boardroom.

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Because Business Strategy isn't Strategic Management

ABSP™ and SBSP™ certifications of The Strategy Institute are exactly focused on Business Strategy per se – and not strategic management. Business professionals who design or execute business strategies know it the hard way - that knowing strategic management isn’t enough to build tracks for the company to win.

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Partner Us

We are expanding our global networks of academic partners, training providers and corporate partners, and welcome partnership interests from universities, training companies and consulting organizations interested in advocating for us in their geographies.

Join our hands to get state-of-the-art learning and certifications in Business Strategy into your country, city, region or university, to get a quick idea about the possibilities, and do write to us now at to discuss the way ahead for you.

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Complete Assistance

ABSP™ and SBSP™ certifications can be completed conveniently through self-study. It’s a happy fact that the Business Strategy Handbook, provided to every registered candidate is among the most unique and comprehensive resources today on Business Strategy. It is a prescribed read for preparing for the ABSP™/ SBSP™ exams. Additional reading material, exam taking facility, digital badge, printed certificate, lapel pins and shipping is included in the registration package of the ABSP™ and SBSP™ programs.

The learning kit and certificates shown here in the image are only for illustration, and their design, and colors., may change without notice. The certificate and the lapel pin are awarded only after passing of the ABSP™/ SBSP™ exam. The notebook/ laptop and the ipad/ tablet featured in the image are just to illustrate the digital inclusions in the package, and not included in the registration package for any individual.

World-Leaders Ensuring Convenience, Peace of Mind & Delight

The Strategy Institute has assigned global specialists in various areas to take care of services and convenience for its clients and customers.

The global education services leader Edvantic manages the entire certification process for a candidate and stands by every single candidate all the time to assist in providing learning material, shipping, exam-registration; exam preparation and certificate delivery. The sophisticated and the most advanced ExamStrong™ platform makes it possible for you to take your exam anywhere – at home, institution or in office. And finally, in addition to the finely crafted printed certificate and lapel-pin, you’re also given a state-of-the-art digital badge that can be affixed to your social media profile; CV and email signatures for making that instant impression.

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