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Senior Business Strategy
Professional (SBSP™)

SBSP™ - Rich. Advanced. Flexibile

Business Strategy is often the biggest difference between organizations that win and rebound, and those that lose out. The SBSP™ program is designed for learning the latest science and art of strategy which professionals can deploy to enrich their performance, careers and impact their organizations. The SBSP™ coursework and format is crafted to shape you up for roles of leadership and higher impact.

The program builds up a conceptual framework to help you interpret and use Business Strategy as a key tool to refine decisions, outcomes and performance related to your function and roles. The SBSP™ program is especially valuable for professionals who need deeper, more insightful, and tool-backed knowledge of strategy to design solutions for their clients.

SBSP™ Certification Package Fee

USD 1750

(This is a one-time fee which covers the SBSP™ exam, the TSI Resource Box, digital badging, printed certificate, lapel pin, and shipping costs)

Note : This fee may change without notice and does not include the training fee charged by training companies, universities, or institutions who offer preparation training for TSI certification exams.

TSI is a standards and credentialing body and is not responsible for training delivery, and neither controls, nor is concerned with any aspect of training/education TSI does not govern, mandate, or control the training/program fee charged for any TSI certification by any training company or education provider.

SBSP™ - The Power of Four

Crafted to help participants build the perspective, knowledge, skills and ability to understand and deploy business strategy as a performance and growth vehicle, the SBSP™ program coursework has four powerful proficiency dimensions to it - each dimension having a dedicated coursework module to it.


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SBSP™ - The Program Structure

You can pursue SBSP™ without being in any hurry, at your pace. The Strategy Institute gives 365 days (from the day of payment) to all participants for completing their coursework and assessments.

The SBSP™ program has 2 stages to it, The Stage 1 is all learning and self- assessment. Stage 2 is about certification assessment.

Stage 1 – Learning & Self-Assessment

Stage 1 is entirely dedicated to learning and evaluating the progress of learning. It opens immediately after registration, and stays open throughout. It requires participants to complete all FOUR coursework modules and one stage-qualifying quiz.


    Participants are required to read through the flagship text - The Business Strategy Handbook sent in the learning kit. This handbook helps participants learn theoretical frameworks and principles underlying analysis, development and implementation of strategy in business and organizations.


    This is a sharp and short module on tools and techniques used in business strategy thinking, analysis, design and execution. Participants require to read the e-resource Business Strategy ToolBook in this coursework module. This resource is uploaded on the participant’s dashboard.


    This interesting module is to be completed by reading another e-resource Enterprise Business Strategy Experiences available on the participant’s dashboard. It is a short course, featuring small stories of how real organizations have met challenges using business strategy.


    This module is set on latest technology-driven developments, challenges and disruptions in Business Strategy Management practices across the world. To complete this course, participants must read end-to-end the second book included in their learning kit - The Business Strategy Handbook-2.

Assessment 1 - Quiz (Open all the time)

This is a stage-qualifying MCQ quiz of 40 minutes containing 30 questions, which participants can take anytime on their dashboard. This quiz is based on e-resources Enterprise Business Strategy Experiences and the Business Strategy ToolBook. Though this quiz is not graded for certification, all participants must compulsarily pass it to complete the coursework requirement.

Stage 2: Graded Assessments

Stage 2 is dedicated to TWO assessments that qualify participants for the award of the SBSP™ credential. This stage opens immediately after registration, and stays open throughout the year. Care has to be taken that both the stages must be completed within 1 year maximum from the date of registration. Participants have to make Professional Development submissions and take One test-based assessment.

  • Assessment- 2

    This is a Professional Development Report (PDR) that each SBSP participant requires to submit in a prescribed format. The PDR is a well-written summary of your professional development in terms of growth of your understanding, experience, knowledge and skills of analyzing, creating and implementing Business Strategy.

  • Assessment- 3

    The last component of the SBSP™ program is the final SBSP™ Certification Exam, which participants take on the ExamStrong™ online-proctored platform.

The SBSP™ Certification Package

The SBSP™ certification package fee includes every resource and help that you will need to learn the latest in Business Strategy, and prepare for assessments you require to qualify to earn the prestigious SBSP™ certification. All participants who complete their SBSP™ program registration formalities get printed copies of the textbooks The Business Strategy Handbook, and The Business Strategy Handbook-2 . Also included in the package are two electronic reading resources uploaded on the participant’s dashboard - Enterprise Business Strategy Experiences and the Business Strategy ToolBook.

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The learning kit & certificates etc., shown here in the image are only for illustration, and their design, colors etc., may change without notice. The certificate and the lapel pin are awarded only after passing of the SBSP™ exam. The notebook/laptop and the iPad/tablet featured in the image are just to illustrate the digital inclusions in the package, and not included in the registration package for any individual. All participants are required to follow ExamStrong™ instructions on how to take the online exams on their own computer.

Please Note, the handbooks listed above qualified for the program after an extensive evaluation of their utility in Business Strategy careers. However, The Strategy Institutetm may replace them with other resources in the interest of the quality of learning.

Candidacy & Entry Criteria

Ways to Become a SBSP™

The following table summarizes the specific requirements to become a SBSP™. There are THREE convenient tracks covering senior professionals from diverse backgrounds and experiences to earn the SBSP™ certification

  • Track 1:

    MBA/ Master’s qualification with at least 8 Years of work experience

  • Track 2:

    Bachelor’s qualification with at least 10 Years of work experience

  • *Track 3:

    Alumnus of TSI- Affiliated B-School with an experience of 5 Years.

*If your business school/ university is not yet affiliated to The Strategy Institute, please go meet your Program Coordinator and request her/ him to apply for The Strategy Institute-affiliation. We don’t charge any fee for affiliation. to share an affiliation application link with your Program Coordinator.

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Apply Now for SBSP™!

There’s never a better moment to apply and register for the SBSP™ than now! It’s convenient and fast. Just click here to reach the online application form, fill it, pay online, and you’re done! Click these links below to understand the application process. We've just tried to take you through a quick tour, so some of the details may be missing. You may Contact Us for more information.

Quickview – SBSP™ Certification Process

Check Eligibility Requirements

Certain minimum educational and work experience requirements need to be met to qualify as a candidate for the SBSP™ certification. Please check and confirm that you meet the prescribed minimum candidacy requirements for the SBSP™ certification. You can check the . It is recommended that you keep this information within easy reach as it will be required while filling up your online application.

Fill Online Application

Once you have confirmed you meet the prescribed SBSP™ eligibility requirements, you are good to start the application. Start the process by creating your account on the portal. Once you have submitted the online application and made a successful payment of the fee, you will immediately receive an acknowledgement response email with instructions for the next steps in your program journey.


An internal check is conducted to validate your credentials against the prescribed candidacy prerequisites for qualifying as an applicant for the SBSP™ certification. Once you qualify the candidacy stage, you receive a notification for completing your registration process. Key pieces of the process are filling out the complete application form, and making the fee-payment.

SBSP™ Exam Preparation Material

Once your fee payment is confirmed, one unit of the SBSP™ Resource Box containing The Business Strategy handbook is shipped to your address registered with us. Additional reading material is also made available in your account.

Completing SBSP™ Assessments

The Strategy Institute gives to the applicants, a period of 365 days from the date of payment to complete the requirements for earning the SBSP™ certification. Applicants must finish their studies, submit the PDR and take all prescribed SBSP™ assessments within this time period.


If you qualify the SBSP™ assessments and exam and meet other conditions, you are awarded the SBSP™ certification and the SBSP™ Digital Badge is immediately issued to you. You can expect the shipment of the physical credential pack to reach you within three to four weeks from the date of the certification award.


Coverage of SBSP Exam

The questions appearing in the SBSP™ exam aim to check and validate candidates' awareness and knowledge about the general concepts, principles and frameworks of analysis, design and execution of Business Strategy. The SBSP™ exam features questions drawn from the prescribed texts and readings including The Business Strategy Handbook-1 and The Business Strategy Handbook-2, covering the following dimensions:

Knowledge Areas & Topics Percentage Weight

Goals, Values, and Performance



Industry & Competitive Analysis



Resources, Capabilities, Structure & Management



Competitive Advantage Management



Strategic Change Management



Technology Industries & Innovation



Vertical Integration & the Scope of the Firm



Global Business Strategy



Diversification Strategy



Managing the Multibusiness Firm



External Growth Strategies



Business Strategy for Digital Disruption




Structure & Nature of a Typical SBSP Exam

A typical SBSP exam generally includes a mix of Type A and Type B questions for a total of 50 questions, though some exams may feature only one type of questions. Also, the number of questions may change without notice.

Type A questions directly test the candidates' ability to correctly and precisely recollect concepts, principles, techniques, and generally accepted practices in contemporary Business Strategy. The answers to TYPE A questions will reflect candidates' awareness and comprehension of critical Business Strategy concepts and issues as covered in the TSI Body of Knowledge. TYPE A Questions are facts based with the answer options being clear statements either clearly correct, or incorrect. There is only one CORRECT answer to TYPE A questions, and candidates are scored only if the correct options are selected.

Type B questions directly test the candidates’ ability to apply and execute their awareness and understanding of the concepts and principles in the practice of Business Strategy. The answers to TYPE B questions will reflect candidates’ capacities for critical analysis and judgement in gauging Business Strategy challenges. Questions will test candidates’ abilities to devise strategic approaches, plans and programs to resolve challenges with accountability and a high degree of effectiveness. TYPE B questions have four answer choices and ONLY one of these four would be incorrect. The rest of the three answers would be correct, but they represent varying levels of suitability for the situation expressed. The best of these three answers carries the maximum 10 marks, and the least suitable the least – 5 marks. The third correct answer with mid-level suitability carries 7.5 marks. Candidates must choose only one of these four answer choices and they are scored 0, 5, 7.5 or 10, depending on their choice of answer–option.

The Objectives and Principles Underlying the Design of SBSP Exam

The SBSP exam aims at validating the candidates’ potential and capacity to effectively perform an array of Business Strategy functions in complex organizations operating within a transnational system. The SBSP exam system validates this potential through assessing candidates’ knowledge about Business Strategy theory and practice and their ability to apply this knowledge to achieve excellence in their performance. These exams are designed on standards from the TSI Standardized Knowledge Architecture for Practice Excellence. The TSI Body of Knowledge has been engineered to redefine the profession of Business Strategy in the 21st century.

SBSP exam test candidates on their knowledge of the state-of-the-art principles, theories and generally accepted practices of Business Strategy as laid out in the TSI Body of Knowledge. The exam expect that individuals being assessed for their SBSP certification read the material contained in the SBSP Resource Box along with the e-resources on their dashboard and maintain familiarity with the latest in Business Strategy theory and practice by reading journals and books, listening to podcasts of experts and participating in professional development programs and events.

SBSP Assessments & Exam

SBSP certification policy prescribes three mandatory assessment components – A1 (qualifying), A2 (weightage 30%), and A3 (weightage 70%). All SBSP registrants, without exception, require to take and qualify these assessments in order to be considered for the award of the SBSP certification. All these assessments can be completed anytime within a year of registration. Check out the table below for details of the assessment policy.



Related Module & Coverage

Reading Resource

Assessment Mode



Business Strategy Tools

Business Strategy ToolBook and Enterprise Business Strategy Experiences

Online Quiz that can be taken anytime on the participant’s dashboard



Submission of a Professional Development Report in a prescribed format. Participants mention the various activities and formal or informal learning they may have done in areas related to business strategy. It may include seminars/ webinars/ podcasts/ conferences/ conclaves/ projects at workplace/ online courses attended etc


Submission in a prescribed format



The science of developing and executing Business Strategy; covers principles, concepts, frameworks, processes and tools of analysis and development

Printed Resources

The Business Strategy Handbook, and The Business Strategy Handbook-2

Online exam conducted on the ExamStrong portal; single sitting

SBSP™ Certification Continuation Policy - 2021

Business, environment and technology change faster today. Hence, your SBSP™ certification requires refreshing every three years to stay in sync with the latest professional knowledge and practices in the Business Strategy discipline. Your SBSP™ dashboard will have all information on what to read and the other steps you have to take to keep your knowledge and skills current and continue your certification.

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