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Senior Business Strategy
Professional (SBSP™)

Fast-Pace Your Growth

Your career shifts into higher gears the moment you begin showing abilities to lead by excelling in your expertise area. The SBSP™ certification proves your knowledge of Business Strategy to your current and prospective employers, besides enabling you to link your own expertise, role and tasks directly with your company’s needs to stay and grow in business. The SBSP™ certification equips ambitious Business Strategy Professionals with the perspective and knowledge they need to effectively lead in their organization. It includes online modules to aid you in the preparation of your SBSP™ exam.

Lead Earlier, Sooner…

SBSP™ strengthens your claim for more senior roles earlier and sooner because your Business Strategy knowledge validates your capability to drive your role in sync with organization’s needs, direction and aims. Understanding Business Strategy helps you see more, sharper, broader and deeper, lending you the intellectual confidence of that a problem solver needs to have.

SBSP™ Certification Package Fee

USD 1750

(This is a one-time fee which covers the SBSP™ exam, the TSI Resource Box, online modules, digital badging, printed certificate, lapel pin, and all material shipping costs)

Note : This fee may change without notice and does not include the training fee charged by training companies, universities, or institutions who offer exam-preparation training for TSI certification exams.

TSI is a standards and credentialing body and is not responsible for training delivery, and neither controls, nor is concerned with any aspect of training/ education. TSI does not govern, mandate, or control the training/ program fee charged for any TSI certification by any training company or education provider.

SBSP™ is Ideal for…

Professionals having a decent practical exposure to formal decision-making in their respective functions or areas of expertise. There is no bar on the nature of work, and individuals from any industry, function or space can apply for the SBSP™ certification.

All candidates need to exhibit a clear understanding and conceptual knowledge about business, industry, competition, management functions and how a company works. They would also show a mature and reasonably high-level of exposure to organized business/ enterprise functions like planning, marketing, finance, research, sales, human resource or accounting etc., and should be able to relate their own roles to the company’s markets, customers, profits and competition.

Flexible SBSP™ Program Design

With SBSP™ program split into two components, the learning schedule is self-paced, flexible, and designed to accommodate your career development and personal goals to minimize time away from work and maximize your learning. The overall format of the program is configured for enriching and refining you for leadership roles.

  • The First component builds up a robust conceptual framework to help you interpret and use Business Strategy as a key business tool that extends the reach of your influence across the boundaries of Business Strategy. This is done through the insightful study of TSI flagship text: The Business Strategy Handbook (Should take around four-five weeks of intensive text-study to complete)

  • The Second component gives you access to two powerful online courses. These two courses - Global Business Trends and Business Strategy– were curated exclusively to enhance your learning of contemporary Business Strategy insights. (Should take maximum three-four weeks to complete the three online courses)

Please note: These online modules were selected for the program after an extensive evaluation. However, The Strategy Institute may replace them with other modules in the interest of the quality of learning.

The SBSP™ Certification Package

The SBSP™ certification package fee includes every resource and help that you will need to learn the latest in Business Strategy, and acquire the prestigious SBSP™ certification. All candidates who complete their program registration formalities get a print copy of The Business Strategy Handbook, access to online modules which includes two courses: - Global Business Trends and Business Strategy.

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The books, learning kit, certificates etc., shown here in the image are only for illustration, and their design, colors etc., may change without notice. The certificate and the lapel pin are awarded only after the passing of the SBSP™ exam. The notebook/ laptop and the ipad/ tablet featured in the image are just to illustrate the digital inclusions in the package, and not included in the registration package for any individual.

Candidacy & Entry Criteria

Ways to Become a SBSP™

The following table summarizes the specific requirements to become a SBSP™. There are THREE convenient tracks covering senior professionals from diverse backgrounds and experiences to earn a SBSP™!

  • Track 1:

    MBA/ Master’s qualification with at least 8 Years of work experience

  • Track 2:

    Bachelor’s qualification with at least 10 Years of work experience

  • *Track 3:

    Alumnus of TSI- Affiliated B-School with an experience of 5 Years.

*If your business school/ university is not yet affiliated to The Strategy Institute, please go meet your Program Coordinator and request her/ him to apply for The Strategy Institute-affiliation. We don’t charge any fee for affiliation. to share an affiliation application link with your Program Coordinator.

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Apply Now for SBSP™!

There’s never a better moment to apply and register for the SBSP™ than now! It’s convenient and fast. Just to reach the online application form, fill it, pay online, and you’re done! Click these links below to understand the application process. We've just tried to take you through a quick tour, so some of the details may be missing. You may Contact Us for more information, or if you face a challenge at any time.

Quickview – SBSP™ Certification Process

Check Eligibility Requirements

Certain minimum educational and work experience requirements need to be met to qualify as an candidate for the SBSP™ certification. Please check and confirm that you satisfy the prescribed minimum candidacy requirements for the SBSP™ certification. You can check the . It is recommended that you keep this information handy as it will be required while filling up your online application.

Fill Online Application

Once you have confirmed you meet the prescribed SBSP™ eligibility/candidacy requirements, you are good to start the application. Start the process by creating your on the portal. Once you have submitted the online application and made a successful payment of the fee, you will immediately receive an acknowledgement response email with instructions for the next steps in your program journey.


An internal check is conducted to validate your credentials against the prescribed candidacy prerequisites for qualifying as an applicant for the SBSP™ certification. Once you qualify the candidacy stage, you receive a notification for completing your registration process. Key pieces of the process are filling out the complete application form, and making the fee-payment.

SBSP™ Exam Preparation Material

Post your payment confirmation, you will receive your unit of the SBSP™ Resource Box containing reading material at the address you have registered with us. Access to online modules will be shared within five to six weeks once you receive the TSI Resource Box.

Taking the SBSP™ Exam

The Strategy Institute earmarks a 120 days’ immersion period for SBSP™ candidates to help them orient completely and build their conceptual foundations in Business Strategy. You can schedule your SBSP™ exam anytime after the 120 days’ immersion period is over. In fact, you also get an additional 245 days to plan for and take your SBSP™ exam.


If you qualify the SBSP™ exam and meet other conditions, you are awarded the SBSP™ certification and the SBSP™ Digital Badge is immediately issued to you. You can expect the shipment of the physical credential pack to reach you within three to four weeks from the date of the certification - award.

SBSP™ Exam

Coverage of SBSP™ Exam

The questions appearing in TSI exams aim to check and validate candidates' awareness and knowledge about the general frameworks of Business Strategy. This includes key practices and trends in strategic thinking as well as design and execution of Business Strategy, critical issues, challenges and opportunities in the discipline today. TSI exams, in keeping with the TSI Body of Knowledge, steer away from strategic management and focus exclusively on Business Strategy. Candidates are expected to be exposed to business fundamentals and also the bare basics of strategic management for a faster and more in-depth learning of Business Strategy.

TSI exams feature questions drawn from a wide selection of Business Strategy areas, a knowledge in which the TSI body of knowledge defines as essential to have for individuals intending to be certified by TSI. The framework and coverage of TSI exams is defined by The Business Strategy Handbook. The following topics have been specifically assigned by the TSI in which the knowledge of candidates are tested:

Knowledge Dimensions Covered Total Questions

PART A: Tools of Strategy Analysis
Consists of questions from topics related to standard tools, techniques and processes of analyzing business situations, generating solutions, making strategic choices and executing decisions.


PART B: Business Strategy and The Question of Competitive Advantage
Consists of questions from topics related to concept of competition, competitive pastures, sources of competitive advantage, process of configuring competitive pastures and evaluating alternative strategies of evolving competitiveness attributes at various stages of a company’s life cycle.


PART C: Corporate Strategy
Consists of questions from topics related to the dynamic of business continuity, sustenance, and growth including inorganic and organic modes, as well as alternatives like expansion, diversification among market and industry tagents.


Total Number Of Questions


Structure & Nature of a Typical SBSP™ Exam

A typical SBSP™ exam generally includes a mix of Type A and Type B questions for a total of 60 questions, though some exams may feature only one type of questions. Also, the number of questions may change without notice.

Questions directly test the candidates' ability to correctly and precisely recollect concepts, principles, techniques, and generally accepted practices in contemporary Business Strategy. The answers to TYPE A questions will reflect candidates' awareness and comprehension of critical Business Strategy concepts and issues as covered in the TSI body of knowledge. TYPE A Questions are facts based with the answer options being clear statements either clearly correct, or incorrect. There is only one CORRECT answer to TYPE A questions, and candidates are scored only if the correct options are selected.

Questions directly test the candidates ability to apply and execute their awareness and understanding of the concepts and principles in the practice of Business Strategy. The answers to TYPE B questions will reflect candidates capacities for critical analysis and judgement in gauging Business Strategy challenges. Questions will test candidates abilities to devise strategic approaches, plans and programs to resolve challenges with accountability and a high degree of effectiveness. TYPE B questions have four answer choices and ONLY one of these four would be incorrect. The rest of the three answers would be correct, but they represent varying levels of suitability for the situation expressed. The best of these three answers carries the maximum 10 marks, and the least suitable the least – 5 marks. The third correct answer with mid-level suitability carries 7.5 marks. Candidates must choose only one of these four answer choices and they are scored 0, 5, 7.5 or 10, depending on their choice of answer–option.

The Objectives and Principles Underlying the Design of SBSP™ Exam

The TSI exam aims at validating the candidates’ potential and capacity to effectively perform an array of Business Strategy functions in complex organizations operating within a transnational system. The TSI exam system validates this potential through assessing candidates’ knowledge about Business Strategy theory and practice and their ability to apply this knowledge to achieve excellence in their performance. These exams are designed on standards from the TSI Standardized Knowledge Architecture for Practice Excellence. The TSI Body of Knowledge has been engineered to redefine the profession of Business Strategy in the 21st century.

TSI exams test candidates on their knowledge of the state of the art principles, theories and generally accepted practices of Business Strategy as laid out in the TSI Body of Knowledge. These exams expect that individuals being assessed for their TSI certifications read the material contained in the TSI Resource Box and maintain familiarity with the latest in Business Strategy theory and practice by reading journals and books, listening to podcasts of experts and participating in professional development programs and events.

Certifying for the SBSP™ Exam

Usually, a cumulative score of 65%-70% on a SBSP™ exam can be deemed certification worthy. However, an examinee's real, individual scores do not decide the recommendation for a certification award. Instead, a complex algorithm is used to make certification decisions which nullify geographic and other environmental factors with potential to skew performance. As such, the certifying benchmark should not be expected to stay pegged at an exact number for pass/fail.

Preparing for the SBSP™ Exam

It is critical that all SBSP™ candidates focus on widening their perspective of Business Strategy. While the TSI SBSP™ Resource Box contains reading material and guidelines on how to study for the SBSP™ exam, additional research should be done to properly prepare for the exam. Business Strategy is an evolving discipline and will perhaps never become an exact science, making-containing the entire practice of Business Strategy into a single textbook impossible. TSI has evolved its essential knowledge model in what is the world’s largest project on defining knowledge essentials for excellence in Business Strategy. As a program in Business Strategy, TSI has done its part to cover the extensive breadth of Business Strategy to assure that the SBSP™ program makes an impact on the professional capabilities of certification holders.

While SBSP™ candidates are clearly advised to use The TSI Handbook on Business Strategy. Although a sizable number of questions in a typical SBSP™ exam are drawn from content which is available in the Handbook, the rest of the questions in the exam are drawn from content from online modules and other sources. TSI therefore strongly advises all examinees to research other online and offline resources to brush up their concepts and awareness about how Business Strategy impacts business.

To ensure that all SBSP™ registrants develop themselves into the best international professionals, TSI advises they read extensively on the subject from as many sources as possible. For external resources you can use to better prepare for your SBSP™ examination, please refer to the TSI Exam Preparation Guidelines available for download under the TSI resources tab of your myaccount.

SBSP™ Certification Continuation Policy - 2019

Business, environment and technology change faster today. Hence, your SBSP™ certification requires refreshing every three years to stay in sync with the latest professional knowledge and practices in the Business Strategy discipline. Your SBSP™ dashboard will have all information on what to read and the other steps you have to take to keep your knowledge and skills current and continue your certification.


Registrations are currently open for the SBSP™ version marked to the compliant to the updated 4M-BSP Knowledge Grid Release 16.1.3.

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