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2016 Top Strategy Gurus

  • Ram Charan
  • Vijay Govindarajan
  • Don Tapscott
  • Michael Coden
  • Roger Martin
  • Eric Ries
  • Herminia Ibarra
  • Tony Manning
  • Erik Brynjolfsson
  • Rita Gunther McGrath
Tony Manning

Serving as a strategy advisor and consultant since 1987, working through industries and companies, he is the pioneer of the Critical Core technique of strategy design & execution. With a wide-ranging involvement with public sector, he was previously a top official in two noteworthy worldwide firms, and served in Southern Africa as the Chairman of the Institute of Directors.

He has twenty years of experience in advertising, marketing, and journalism. Furthermore, he is a professional photographer, and in 2014, he organized a sell-out photo exhibition in Johannesburg! He keeps writing strategy blogs, and has authored a few bestseller books, too. He has also been the editor for a few books.

He is an expert in useful, sound judgment approach in view of The Critical Core — the decisions and practices that edge vital discussion and have the effect amongst winning and losing. He provides with the strategies to improve the way one makes methodology, and the technique one picks; distinguish the strategic needs with an effect; develop a strategic offer to set one apart; and examine game changing business model developments.