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2016 Top Strategy Gurus

  • Ram Charan
  • Vijay Govindarajan
  • Don Tapscott
  • Michael Coden
  • Roger Martin
  • Eric Ries
  • Herminia Ibarra
  • Tony Manning
  • Erik Brynjolfsson
  • Rita Gunther McGrath
Eric Ries

He is a business visionary and creator, best known for spearheading a start-up development. His start-up is an inventive business system that supporters utilizing assets proficiently in the early phases of an organization's advancement, and takes its name from the incline creation standards created by Japanese assembling organizations.

He is a software engineer since 2001. He started a 3D social network utilizing customized symbols. Through the organization he met an effective serial entrepreneur and thought pioneer running an enterprise course, who stressed putting genuine components before clients and measuring client input – which he called Customer Development.

The approach reverberated with him and he utilized it to rapidly build up his 3D company’s products, making an effective organization. Client Development in this manner turned into an essential part of the start-up approach. He started to archive his rationality in his blog with a post entitled the start-up.

He serves on the advisory board of a number of technology startups and venture capital firms. He was also named the Best Young Entrepreneurs of Tech by the BusinessWeek.