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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is a certification?

  1. A certification is formal recognition of successfully undergoing a process of learning and development to obtain an official document attesting to a level of achievement.
  2. A certification is also referred to as a credential.
  3. A certification is awarded after an individual goes through a credentialing or a certification process, which includes meeting the basic education and work-experience norms of the certification or credentialing body, and then passing the certification exam.
  4. It is a formal recognition by a 3rd party that an individual possesses a critical baseline level of knowledge, skills and comprehension as prescribed in the body of knowledge of a profession, and hence she is fit for practicing the profession at an accepted level of consistent excellence.
  5. A certification is neither a Degree nor a License, and generally has a limited life.
  6. Certifications are earned from a standards body specializing in the profession of interest.
  7. Most certifications need to be renewed periodically to keep them alive, active and relevant for professional growth.
  8. The Strategy Institute is a certifying body due to the rigorous research and testing performed then implemented into the credentialing process that allows us to award certifications.

2. I have attended a training program/online program in Business Strategy/ Entrepreneurship/ Management with a famous training company/ a famous mooc platform in my city and have obtained a certificate. Do I still need to acquire a certification from The Strategy Institute to improve my employability?

  1. Yes, you are strongly advised to do so. There is a difference between a certificate you get after attending a training program – online or offline - and a certification you obtain after writing and passing a rigorous standardized exam of a certification body that has NOT trained you. Such an exam is seen to be unbiased and hence more reliable.
  2. A certificate given by a globally or nationally renowned Training organization or a business school has a decent employability value because it shows you have received high-quality training in your area and hence must have gained something.
  3. However, for employers, it is more important to have a proof that you really know what you have trained in, than merely the fact that you have trained with a great organization. Employers are most assured when they know you have been tested by an independent agency or body on rigorous standards. Hence, the Certification which is valued by employers is the one given by an agency or a body which has tested you or examined you on internationally accepted standards of Business Strategy/ Entrepreneurship/ Management.
  4. But the Certification that carries maximum value for prospective employers, is the one awarded by an international certification body which is NOT a training organization itself, and has awarded you a Certification after you passed its exam based on international professional standards. This is typically termed as 3rd party certification – You are the 1st party; your training company is the 2nd party, and The Strategy Institute is the 3rd party certification body. Hence, a certificate awarded by a training company does not usually carry as much value as a 3rd party certification awarded by a specialist certification body.
  5. But if, your training company gave you a certificate after you completed the training, and also made you take The Strategy Institute certification exam, that is an ideal combination – you get a Training certificate by a leading training company, and you also get the prestigious The Strategy Institute Certification (a 3rd party international qualification!)

3. Does a certification once acquired, stay active for life?

A certification is neither a Degree nor a License, and generally has a limited life. The faster a profession changes because of changes in technologies, work-processes and business environment, the greater the need for professionals to update/ upgrade/ refresh/ renew their certifications. A lapsed Certification does not have employability value because the employers cannot be assured that you are current in your competence about the job or the profession.

4. I have a university degree. Do I still need a certification to get a job, or to grow in my job?

Yes. A certification is a direct indicator of your employability in a job and your fitness and readiness for joining and pursuing a profession. A university degree, on the other hand, is an indicator of your general intellectual capabilities and understanding of principles in the subjects you may have studied.

Thus, certifications on top of a university Degree increase the perceived employability of an individual, as prospective employers are assured you can hit the ground running. That is also why most university students around the world today pursue credential programs in their interest areas simultaneously with their university studies, to get ready for a job by the time they graduate.

5. What is so special or different about The Strategy Institute certifications?

  1. The Strategy Institute is the standards body in Business Strategy dedicated to the establishment and advancement of Business Strategy/ Entrepreneurship/ Management science, art, processes and systems.
  2. The Strategy Institute Certifications are based on rigorous, most advanced, and industry-neutral 3rd party standards on Business Strategy/ Entrepreneurship/ Management professional competence.
  3. The Strategy Institute is connected and associated with most respected organizations and institutions.

6. How would The Strategy Institute certification benefit me?

  1. The Strategy Institute certification is a recognition of your competence in Business Strategy/ Entrepreneurship/ Management, a must for the best jobs in the market today.
  2. The Strategy Institute certification proves you have confirmed baseline level knowledge of Business Strategy/ Entrepreneurship/ Management benchmarked to the Business Strategy standards the 4M-BSP BODY OF KNOWLEDGE.
  3. The Strategy Institute Certification helps you stand apart from the rest of the Business Strategy/ Entrepreneurship/ Management applicants and peers because of its global recognition and respect.

7. What should I do to leverage The Strategy Institute certification best for my professional career?

  1. Start writing you’re The Strategy Institute-awarded credential-designation after your full name everywhere in all your official communication and professional identification documents like email signature, business cards, social media profile. Example: Josh Smith, MBA, SBSP™.
  2. In all online, digital communication, also include a link to your TSI Digital Badge, below your name and designation, so that people can click and actually verify, you are TSI certified. Include the Digital badge in your CV as well. Display the certification logo also, wherever possible.
  3. Add the designation in your CV along with the certification logo right at the top, alongside your name.
  4. Do not forget to add the certification logo and the digital badge in your LinkedIn and other profiles on social media.
  5. Find ways to display a copy of your The Strategy Institute Certification in your workspace somewhere.
  6. Wear your Certification badge to work every day, and also to professional meetings, seminars, events etc.
  7. Get yourself photographed with your The Strategy Institute credential kit, and find ways to display this photo as a profile picture or a cover picture occasionally on your social media accounts.
  8. Write blogs on Business Strategy/ Entrepreneurship/ Management and career platforms on your certification experience, to let people in your network know how special it is.
  9. Stay connected to the community of The Strategy Institute-certified professionals to stay abreast of the new and the happening.
  10. Never allow your TSI certification to lapse. Stay alert about getting your renewals and upgrades done well before your certification expires.

8. How can I display my TSI certification on my business card?

  1. First, please check your company’s branding guidelines and confirm if you can use a 3rd party logo on your business card. Many employer organizations do not permit this.
  2. Also check if your organization permits 4-color printing of business cards.
  3. If your company does not permit 4-color printing on business cards, you may not be able to use The Strategy Institute certification logo, because The Strategy Institute brand guidelines stipulate full color reproduction only.
  4. If you are allowed to use The Strategy Institute Certification logo on your business card and 4-color printing is also a standard in your organization, you can go ahead and put the logo as indicated below. The logo should be minimum of the dimensions: 0.32inches(width) X 0.34 inches(height)
  5. TSI certification on my Business Card
  6. For optimal print quality, please use the jpg logo file at the size provided, or provide the eps logo file directly to your business card designer/printer.
  7. If you are not allowed to use any logos on your business card, you can still mention your TSI credential-designation with your name as indicated here below:

9. How can I display my TSI certification in my official email signature?

  1. First, please check your company’s branding guidelines and confirm if you can use a 3rd party logo on your email signature. Many employer organizations do not permit this.
  2. If you are allowed to use the The Strategy Institute Certification logo in your official email signature, you can go ahead and put the logo as indicated below. The logo should be minimum of the dimensions: 0.32inches(width) X 0.34 inches(height)
  3. Official Email Signature
  4. If you are not allowed to use any 3rd party logos in your official email signature, you can still mention your The Strategy Institute credential-designation with your name as indicated here below:
  5. Official Email Signature
  6. For optimal print quality, please use the jpg logo file at the size provided, or provide the eps logo file directly to your business card designer/printer.

10. How many years of work experience is needed?

The Strategy Institute ensures the best for its globally recognized certification programs. To ensure and improve the quality, the candidate must meet certain educational and professional experience criteria to be eligible for the respective certification.

11. What is the procedure used by The Strategy Institute to review application forms?

The submission of an application indicates your agreement to comply with the terms of the audit process. All applications are subject to an audit, although only a percentage of applications are selected for audit. The selection of an application for audit is random. You may be required to submit documents of the required professional work experience and/or educational degrees officially. The electronic audit notification provides detailed information on how to comply with the terms of the audit. Please download and fill the Candidature Review Form and email it along with the additional documents at

12. What should you do if your candidature is disapproved on eligibility grounds?

In response to our disapproval of candidates candidature on eligibility grounds, candidate must fill in the Exam Candidacy Reconsideration Request Form for reconsidering the eligibility for any The Strategy Institute exam applied for. Along with this form, the candidate must submit a letter stating the exact reason for reconsideration. The form and the letter must be submitted together within 5 working days after candidature disapproval notification. Attach the required documents along with the form and email it to


13. How do I apply for the Certification?

Visit The Strategy Institutes’ official website

  1. Create your account
  2. Select your certification exam.
  3. Complete the application form with your name and Email ID. Note: This Email ID will be used for all further communication with The Strategy Institute.
  4. Click on create account. Here your account gets created.
  5. Now you have to fill in the entire application form for the exam which includes details like DOB, Education history, Work Experience, Billing Address etc.
  6. Agree to the Terms and Conditions and Submit the application.
  7. Now you will be redirected to our payment gateway. Make the payment and your application will be successfully submitted and you will be greeted with your account.
  8. Receive The Strategy Institute Resource Box at your registered address.
  9. The exam window for you shall open after 120 days of the date on which you paid the fee for your chosen The Strategy Institute certification.
  10. Check your mailbox for a The Strategy Institute support email informing you about the opening of exam scheduling window for your The Strategy Institute certification.
  11. Click here to request us for opening your exam window, if it is already 120 days after your payment, and you have not received a link for exam scheduling.
  12. Click here if you already have the exam scheduling link, and you want to register for your The Strategy Institute exam.
  13. Once your exam date is scheduled, you’ll receive a confirmation email with registration information as well as additional information that you may need to provide at the time of taking your exam. Make sure to store this information in a safe place. Certain information that you provide during the registration process, such as your email address, will be required to sign in to your account once you’ve passed your exam.

Note**Payment can be made with a Visa, American Express or MasterCard credit card. The payment amount will be automatically prompted by the system according to the selected certification.

14. Do I have to complete the application form in one go?

You have to completely fill and submit the application form in one go and there is no option to save the half-filled application form.

15. From the day of payment till when can I schedule my exam?

From the day of payment, The Strategy Institute gives a period of 365 days from the day of payment to the applicants to earn the certification of their choice, including time to study, prepare and take the exam. In case you are not able to take the exam in this window period, then you can reschedule it by paying a nominal fee of USD 100.

STUDY KIT (The Strategy Institute Resource Box)

16. In what formats, will I receive the study material?

The Strategy Institute is making several high-quality reading and reference resources available in digital and printed formats for a wide variety of Business Strategy/Entrepreneurship/ Management stakeholders. The list includes TSI’s flagship publication – Business Strategy-Handbook by The Strategy Institute along with additional reading material. All this exclusive knowledge resource makes up The Strategy Institute Resource Box, which is given complimentary to all candidates of ABSP™ and SBSP™ certification.

17. Do I need to pay extra for study material?

The candidate does not have to pay any additional amount for The Strategy Institute Resource Box.


Examinations - Summary

Description ABSP SBSP
How to Register & Pay Fee Register on The Strategy Institute website at
Duration of a typical Certification Examination 75 Minutes 75 Minutes
Location of exam All Strategy Institute exams are completely online and digitally proctored. You can take the exam anywhere, even at home or in your office. You'll need your computer ExamStrong™ compliant prior to taking the exam.
Mode of Examination Online
Total number of questions in a typical exam 50 50
Type of Questions Multi-choice-Multi-answer Multi-choice-Single-answer
Standard Certification benchmark for award 65% correct answers; though awards will actually be decided using an algorithm that accounts into scaling, relative scoring, and degree of difficulty parameters
Fee for the Examination (in US Dollars; Valid through 31 December, 2021) 775.00 1750.00

Note: Submission of Assessment 1 and Assessment 2 is mandatory to schedule and appear for your SBSP exam.

18. How long does it take to become certified?

The results can be seen immediately after a candidate successfully completes and submits the online test. Successful candidates will receive a printed certificate which will be mailed to the mailing address, as mentioned in the candidates profile. Please note that the packet will be shipped within 3-4 weeks.

19. Can I take my TSI exam using my own system?

The Strategy Institute exams are real-time proctored, and delivered in the private mode keeping the convenience of examinee in mind. Which means you can now take your ABSP™ and SBSP™ exams in the convenience of your personal spaces – like your home or your office – after getting your computer and exam room ExamStrong™ verified for exam readiness.

20. What is the format of the Examination?

All TSI exams are completely digital/ online and are handled by Examstrong specialized in exam deliveries for prestigious international standards bodies, universities, training organizations, corporates and government agencies. For more information, kindly visit

21. When will my TSI certification expire?

Certifications ABSP™ SBSP™
Validity 3 Years 3 Years

22. Is there a definite code of conduct policy?

The Strategy Institute has a ‘zero-tolerance’ policy for any misconduct in its ecosystem. During examination, the test manager (or proctor) has all rights to dismiss a candidate from the exam session for any of the following reasons:

  • Causing any disturbance during the exam session
  • Giving or taking any assistance to or from anybody
  • Using digital assistants, notes, books, wristwatch calculators, electronic dictionaries or other aids/devices
  • Using electronic devices, such as mobile phones
  • Trying to remove any type of scratch paper during the examination
  • Trying to mess with the computer
  • Trying to relocate during the examination from allotted computer/system
  • Trying to remove questions (in any format) during the examination
  • Not obeying the directions given by the test manager (or proctor) or remote-proctor
  • Sharing the content of the exam with others

Please be informed that The Strategy Institute will take legal action against anybody who violates copyright laws such as reproducing and distributing examination content or materials. The data bank of questions, the exam form and all exam-related materials have copyrights and are the legal property of The Strategy Institute.

Any communication – be it verbal, written or electronic, is strictly prohibited. Any such act will be punishable by law.

Please note that, if any examinee is caught in any of the above forms of misconduct, there will be no evaluation of their exam and no refund of their fees. Also, there will be a six-month bar to retake the exam. Furthermore, The Strategy Institute shall review the acts of misconduct, which may lead to :

  • The cancellation of the examinee's prior or present exam scores
  • The revocation of the examinee's certification

23. What IDs are accepted?

The examinee must carry two valid forms of ID from the list below. Please note that both IDs can either be primary IDs or one primary and one secondary ID.

Primary ID

The primary ID must be an original and valid ID, containing both, the examinee’s photo, and signature.

  • Government issued driver’s license
  • Passport
  • Military ID
  • State/Country ID card
  • Employee/School ID
Secondary ID

The secondary ID must be an original and valid ID, containing the examinee’s name and signature, or the examinee’s name and a recent photo.

Please Note: All IDs required must be issued by the country in which the candidate is testing. If the candidate does not have a qualifying primary ID issued from the country they are testing in, an International Travel Passport from their country of citizenship is required, along with a secondary ID.

The first and last name that the candidate uses to register must match exactly the first and last name on both of the IDs that are presented on test day.

24. What is the duration of the exam?

The Strategy Institute exam is a computer based exam, please find below the duration of each exam.

Certifications ABSP™ SBSP™
Duration 75 minutes 75 minutes

Please click here for more details.

25. How many questions are there in an exam?

The Strategy Institute exam is a multiple choice based examination. Each question has four choices, with one or more options being the correct answer. The candidate need not answer every question before moving to the next. The candidate can always review or return or alter the answers of previously answered questions. Therefore, make sure that the answers to each questions are properly reviewed before submitting the exam.

Certifications ABSP™ SBSP™
No. of Questions 50 50

Please click here for more details.

26. Can I carry my electronic devices (like mobile phones, digital watches, calculator, etc.) during the examination?

The candidates are not allowed to carry any electronic devices during the examination. The candidates are not allowed to use any electronic devices during the examination. Please visit our examinee conduct policy, to know more.

27. Are we allowed to take breaks between the exams?

There is no provision of breaks, and the exam has to be taken in one go.

28. At what time should I reach the exam room?

For online-proctored exams

It is suggested that you should reach your exam room at least 30 minutes in advance of the scheduled exam-start time to ensure that the exam room and the computer being used for exam is thoroughly checked, verified and approved for exam-taking by a designated TSI -authorized testing body.


29. How much do I need to score to clear the exam?

In order to clear the exam, the candidate must score 65% or higher cumulatively.

30. When/how can I expect to get my result?

The results can be viewed immediately after submitting the online test.

31. What if I am not able to clear my TSI exam in the first (1st) attempt?

In the event that candidate fails their first (1st) attempt to pass their TSI examination, they shall be required to pay a nominal fee of USD 50 from their user account to reappear for the exam.

32. How will I receive my results?

If you pass the exam, an official certificate kit will be issued to you.


33. How much will it cost me to upgrade my certification?

An ABSP™ certification can be upgraded* to SBSP™, subject to fulfilment of the candidacy norms by the certification-holder, and upon successful completion of the prescribed online SBSP™ fast-track learning program as per the latest 4M-BSP BODY OF KNOWLEDGE along with a small online assessment.

The fees for the upgrade is as follows

Upgrade Categories Upgrade Fee Upgrade Conditions
Standard Upgrade to SBSP™ $750 Before the expiry of the ABSP™ certification
Upgrade During The Convenience Period $1000 Within maximum 60 days from the date of expiry

For more details kindly visit

34. What if I fail to upgrade my certification?

The Strategy Institute certification holder should upgrade of their certification within the standard upgrade period. In case he/she fails to do so, we also have a 60 day convenience period for upgrade.

35. What is the right time to upgrade?

In case the candidate meets the professional and educational qualification requirements then the candidate can visit their user account & apply for an upgrade.


36. When will I get an invoice?

The invoice is generated immediately after the payment is realized and can be downloaded easily by logging into your account.

37. What are the different fee-payment modes available?

Payments can be made via debit or credit cards. We accept a range of cards including Visa, American Express, Mastercard among others. Payment for company-sponsored candidates can be done via electronic checks or wire transfers, and further information may be sought by writing to

38. What is the refund policy in case I wish to withdraw?

The full fee paid by an candidate minus USD 80 of processing charges is refunded if the withdrawal application arrives within 24 hours from payment. For withdrawal requests beyond 24 hours the fee paid will not be refunded.

39. Do I have to pay fee again if I cancel an exam I scheduled?

Yes. Examinees cancelling their exams or those who failed in the earlier attempt and want to re-take the exam have to pay a nominal fee of USD50. Also, missing a pre-scheduled exam for any reason will result in the forfeiture of your fee, and the refund clause will not be applicable here.

40. In case of payment failure whom do I need to contact?

In case of payment failure due to problems arising on The Strategy Institute payment gateway or The Strategy Institute application system or The Strategy Institute website, immediately write to In case the problem is on the side of your banker or credit card issuer, please contact their respective customer care immediately for an effective resolution.

41. Can I pay the fee in installments?

No. Payments have to be made in one go.


42. What is Digital Badging?

Digital badges are an assessment and credentialing mechanism that is housed and managed online and could appear as icons on a web page, social media platform, or other online venues. It is awarded by institutions, organizations, or groups, signifying accomplishment. Badges are designed to make visible and validate learning in both formal and informal settings, which can be verified by employers and colleagues.

43. How does it work?

Each badge is embedded with evidence of where, when, how, and why it was earned. It is a form of digital certificate that earners can share on social networks, resumes and e-mail signatures.

  • Digital badges can be posted at multiple places, it can also be embedded in virtual media, like LinkedIn, e-mail signatures, or other social media profiles.
  • Digital badges once shared, can be clicked to reveal data which validates your achievement.
  • The Digital badges can be reviewed by employers, licensing boards, and colleagues.

44. What are its benefits?

The Strategy Institute digital badging services provide you a way to effectively convey your verified knowledge and expertise to employers, colleagues and recruiters after successful completion of certification.

  • Digital badging provides an easy way of credential verification as compared to traditional methods as paper certificates which cannot be readily verified or shared online.
  • Digital credentials, often called badges, act as a means to reliably recognize professional achievements such as certifications and continuing education experiences.
  • A digital badge allows earners to have 24/7 access to a verifiable and current record of your accomplishment that they can share with whomever they choose on social networks, resumes, e-mail signatures and websites.

45. Do I have to pay extra for my badge?

No, Certification Package fee includes the Digital Badge.

46. How do I share my digital badge?

Each digital badge has a unique URL that can be embedded on a website or social media channel.


47. How will my TSI Resource Box be shipped?

Our logistics are handled by TSI Logistics and they ship your Resource Box via one of the leading global carrier. For more details about your shipment, you can write to TSI Logistics at

48. How will I receive the tracking details about my TSI Resource Box?

TSI Logistics shall provide to you the tracking details of your Resource Box once it is shipped. In case you have still not received your tracking details, please write to TSI Logistics at

49. How can I track my TSI Resource Box?

Once your TSI Resource Box is shipped, you will receive an email from TSI Logistics with the tracking number of your shipment and you can track your Resource Box.

50. I have received an email saying that my TSI Resource Box has been delivered, but I haven’t received the same?

In such a case we request you to please refer to the tracking details provided by TSI Logistics and lodge a complaint with the carrier which was supposed to deliver your Resource Box. Simultaneously, please write to TSI Logistics at

Note**TSI Logistics shall also provide on request, a documentary Proof of Delivery provided by the shipper after it completes the delivery to your shipping address, and this Proof of Delivery shall be the only document accepted by The Strategy Institute to confirm the delivery. We regret in advance that once Proof of Delivery of a shipment is made available, we are unable to entertain or accept any complaint by you.

51. TSI Resource Box has been delivered to an incorrect address; what should I do now?

Please lodge a complaint with the carrier using the tracking details provided by tsi Logistics. In case you have any further query you can write to TSI Logistics at

52. What if my TSI Resource Box is delivered at my address but I am not present to receive it?

Your Resource Box can be delivered even when you are not present at the time of delivery only after the shipper verifies the address. For any further delivery related query please write to TSI Logistics at

53. Can I change my shipping/mailing address once I have paid the fee?

No, you will not be able to change your shipping/mailing address after you have paid the fee. So, please make sure that you provide us with the right address to avoid any hassle at the time of delivery of your Resource Box. For any further queries, please write to us at

54. Can I reschedule the date of delivery of my TSI Resource Box?

You need to refer to the shipping details and contact the carrier to reschedule your date of delivery.

55. What can be done if I have received the damaged or wrong set of books in my TSI Resource Box?

If you have received the wrong set or damaged books in your Resource Box please write to TSI Logistics at within 24 hours of receipt of your Resource Box. We shall not be able to entertain or accept any complaint by you after that.

56. Can I get a new unit of TSI Resource Box?

A new unit of TSI Resource Box is chargeable and can be issued only after a prior approval from The Strategy Institute. In case you want us to issue a new unit of Resource Box please write to us at

57. Will I have to pay any additional tax or duty?

All export/import duties and other levies, if any, in your country are to be borne by you, and you also hold the responsibility of clearance of the TSI Resource Box consignment.

Note**The Strategy Institute or its partners/representatives will not be responsible for any delays due to delivery carrier factors, weather, natural calamities, international customs regulations, holidays, customer error, or any other unforeseen events beyond the control of the shipper.

58. My order has already been shipped; can I cancel it now?

No, once the order has been placed it cannot be cancelled.


59. What is the process to change my name on the certificate?

If you want to change your name on the certificate, you will need to write to us at and attach the required supporting documents. A fee of USD 50 will have to be paid for the processing of your request. You will also have to pay USD 100 for an additional certificate with the new name on.

60. Would you inform my employer of the successful completion of my exam?

If you wish to inform your employer about the achievement, you will have to initiate a service request from your account. It will then be The Strategy Institutes’ responsibility to inform the employer about your achievement.

61. What is the procedure to issue duplicate certificate?

In case you lose your certificate and require a duplicate certificate a service request needs to be generated from your account. You will have to incur an additional fee of USD 100.

62. What is the process to cancel my exam?

If you wish to cancel your exam, you should login into your account 72 hours prior to your scheduled examination. Cancelling an exam or missing your exam will result in the forfeiture of your exam fee, without recourse. For more details please click here and go through our cancellation policy.

63. What if I have cancelled my exam due to some reason, but want to reapply for it now?

If an examinee voluntarily cancels the scheduled examination appointment; she can immediately reapply from the user account by paying a nominal fee of USD 50.

64. Is there a way to reschedule my examination?

If you wish to reschedule your exam, you must login into your account 72 hours prior to your scheduled examination. You can reschedule your examination without paying any extra fees. For more details on rescheduling your exam please click here.

65. What if I miss my scheduled appointment (No Show)?

There can be certain unavoidable circumstances due to which you are unable to appear for the examination, in such a case your appointment is declared as a no show.

66. What emergency scenarios are covered under the No Show policy?

If you miss a scheduled exam because of an emergency, feel free to directly contact The Strategy Institute at

Below are the acceptable reasons for missing your scheduled exam:

  • If you or your immediate family member* is suffering from serious illness
  • If death occurs to immediate family members
  • If you are summoned by the court or are on jury duty

Immediate family members here refer to:

  • Spouse
  • Siblings
  • Parents
  • Grandparents
  • Children

If you miss an exam for any of the above-mentioned reasons, you are required to contact The Strategy Institute on An incident number will be provided to you to send the necessary documentation required by The Strategy Institute. Once the required documents are submitted, the request will be thoroughly reviewed and the decision will be taken accordingly by the candidate review committee. You will further be intimated on the result of your request.

Please be informed on the documents that are accepted against the reason of emergency:

  • In case of illness/accidents, please provide a letter or a certificate from a certified doctor on the letterhead that includes title, address and phone number
  • In case of death, please submit notice or certificate of death from hospital or government agencies.

**Please note that the fee is non-refundable. However, if the case is not listed under our no-show policies, an additional fee of USD 50 will be charged to reapply.

The Strategy Institute

CredBadge™ is a proprietary, secure, digital badging platform that provides for seamless authentication and verification of credentials across digital media worldwide.

CredBadge™ powered credentials ensure that professionals can showcase and verify their qualifications and credentials across all digital platforms, and at any time, across the planet.

The Strategy Institute

Verify A Credential

Please enter the License Number/Unique Credential Code of the certificant. Results will be displayed if the person holds an active credential from TSI.