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Certification Process

  1. Check Candidacy: TSI certifications mandate meeting certain educational and work experience requirements before one can register for the selected credential. Since the candidacy requirements for ABSP™ and SBSP™ are different, do which of these two certifications is more suitable for you at the current stage of your career.
  2. Select Registration Track: : Once you have chosen the TSI certification to register in, view the tracks that are available for you. Both ABSP™ and SBSP™ certifications offer 3 registration tracks each. Check ABSP™ registration tracks . Check SBSP™ registration tracks .
  3. Apply for ABSP™/ SBSP™ Online: Once you have confirmed your fit and selected your candidacy track for your chosen TSI certification, you can go ahead and start your application for registration by clicking . The application process starts with creation of your account on TSI. Once your application is submitted and approved, you can go ahead complete fee payment.
  4. Registration Confirmation: Once your fee payment confirms on the system, you receive a registration confirmation message on your registered email with instructions for the next steps. Full access to your myTSI dashboard will then be activated to enable you access assistance resources and utilities.
    *In certain instances, some candidates may be asked to submit their credentials and certificates. This is a standard TSI exercise to keep its candidacy validation system in good shape
  5. Handbooks Shipment: After confirmation of registration in ABSP™ or SBSP™, TSI handbooks are shipped to the address you have registered with us. ABSP™ candidates receive the TSI Business Strategy Handbook, while SBSP™ candidates receive two textbooks – The TSI handbook on Business Strategy, and another book on Disruptive Strategy. Normal delivery timeframe is four to five weeks.
  6. Study & Exam Preparation: TSI offers you 365 days to complete your ABSP™/ SBSP™ certification. Study the handbooks and the other resources on your myTSI dashboard to prepare for your certification exam. If you are an SBSP™ candidate, your learning journey traverses through four stages, before you can get ready for the exam. Check your myTSI dashboard for details.
  7. Taking the TSI Exam: Once you are ready, you can head to the exam section of your myTSI dashboard to register for, and schedule your certification exam.
    *In case you are not able to take the exam when you scheduled in the first instance, you can reschedule it by paying a nominal fee of USD 100.
  8. Certification Award: If you qualify the TSI exam and meet the other conditions laid down by TSI, you are recommended for the award of the ABSP™/ SBSP™ certification and the Digital Badge is immediately issued to you. You can expect the shipment of the physical certificate pack to reach you within three to four weeks from the date of the certification- award.
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