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TSI Certification Examinations

Leading Edge Exam Standards

TSI certification exams are delivered on the world's most rigorous test-delivery standards and follow the Question and Test Interoperability (QTI) norms that also conform to Portable Custom Interaction Best Practices. TSI exam standards and best practices far surpass the most stringent of international testing, accreditation, and certification norms.

Managed by experts with experience with delivering thousands of high stakes exams globally every year for business and non-business clients since 1995, The Strategy Institute exams can be taken across 180+ countries today.

TSI certification exam can be scheduled online from the myTSI candidate dashboard. TSI gives a period of 365 days from the day of the payment to the applicants to earn their ABSP™/ SBSP™ certification. This includes a set number of days to study, prepare and take their exam.

No separate fee for exams is to be paid anywhere for any TSI certification, unless you are taking a re-test, or are re-scheduling after you canceled or could not appear in an exam you had scheduled earlier.

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TSI Certification Exams - Overview

Description ABSP SBSP
Duration of a Certification Examination 75 Minutes 75 Minutes
Location of Exam All certification exams are completely online and digitally proctored. You can take the exam anywhere, even at home or in your office. You'll need your computer and ExamStrong™ verified environment prior to taking the exam.
Mode of Examination Online
Total Number of Questions In a Certification Examination 50 50
Type of Questions Multi-choice-Multi-answer Multi-choice-Single-answer
Standard Certification Benchmark for Award 65% correct answers; though awards will be decided using an algorithm that accounts for scaling, relative scoring, and degree of difficulty parameters

Note: Submission of Assessment 1 and Assessment 2 is mandatory to schedule and appear for your SBSP exam.

Convenient Across Countries

The Strategy Institute exams can be taken across 180+ countries, covering all important cities and business locations! The exam window opens after confirmation of registration, and exam dates can be chosen online through your myTSI dashboard. You’ll be given 365 days to plan for and take your TSI exam.

The Strategy Institute exams are flexible, with private delivery of exams under real-time remote monitoring and proctoring in locations where convenience of examinees is of extreme importance.

Wired and walled by robust technology and process management policies, The Strategy Institute test-engines on ExamStrong™ ensure correct, zero-lag, cheat-deterrent and examinee friendly conduct of exams.

Ready For The Exam? Here’s A Checklist Before You Start!

Register for your TSI certification Exam
Schedule your exam
Review TSI exam policies
Run a system check
Attend and complete your exam

TSI Exam Policies

The examination system of The Strategy Institute is governed by an elaborate set of stringent norms and policies complying to the most rigorous standards of apex statutory and credentialing excellence bodies internationally. Get familiar with the following specific exam policies before taking the exam.

  • Policies For Examinees
    Policies For Examinees

    TSI policies help maintain the sanctity and credibility of its certification exams, respected internationally for their rigor and integrity.

    Read More
  • Examinee Testing Policies
    Examinee Testing Policies

    TSI monitors the exam scoring/scheduling/cancelation of the exams using advanced algorithms.

    Read More
  • Examinee ID Policy
    Examinee ID Policy

    TSI follows a strong identification policy to maintain academic honesty and test integrity.

    Read More
  • Audit Policy
    Audit Policy

    TSI audits the select application forms as per the rules and guidelines mentioned on the site.

    Read More
  • Exam Development
    Exam Development

    TSI exam development process maintains a high standard and meets the industry’s expectation.

    Read More
  • Exam Security
    Exam Security

    TSI ensures high integrity of exam content and fairness for all its candidates during the delivery of certification exams.

    Read More
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