ABSP™ is the world’s only and the most widely respected global qualification today in business strategy for young professionals. The standards-backed rigor of ABSP™ positions you strongly in your chosen professional specialization in any industry.

Why ABSP™?

  • 01 Proves your potential for hitting the ground running because you can link your KRAs with the organization’s business and strategy
  • 02 Enhances your professional options by adding the most respected global certification in business strategy to your vitae
  • 03 Stake your claim for bigger roles in global organizations
  • 04 Accelerates your career growth and helps you move into team and group leadership roles faster
  • 05 Gets your career off the blocks in style after your MBA or Master's
  • 06 Differentiates yourself from your peers and stand out sharp for improved visibility among employers
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The secret of success in all jobs today lies in how well can professionals relate their tasks, thought, and action to their organizations’ businesses, priorities and strategies.

ABSP™ equips professionals hailing from virtually any business and management function, industry domain, or sector with the reflex for strategic thinking and the toolkit for strategic analysis. Globally several organizations prefer ABSP™ as it is an assurance of strong capabilities in syncing the work approach with the goals, plans, and strategies of a company.

Global Corporations where TSI Certified Professionals Work

  • Toshiba
  • Accenture
  • Cognizant Technology Solutions
  • Vivid Games
  • Microsoft
  • DXC Technology
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Philip Morris
  • Vmware
  • Turkish Airlines
  • State Bank Of India
  • Parsons Corporation
  • Kuwait National Petroleum Company
  • JCPenney
  • Jacobs Engineering
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Eligibility & Candidacy Norms for ABSP™

Professionals holding a Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree with required years of work experience preferably in business/finance/human resources/economics/management or in a closely related discipline from a nationally or internationally recognized institution are eligible to apply for the Associate Business Strategy Professional (ABSP™) program. ABSP™ tracks are as follows:

ABSP™ Tracks

  • Track 1:

    MBA/Master’s degree holders with at least 3 years of work history in any management or business function or industry
  • Track 2:

    Bachelor’s degree holders with at least 5 years of work history in any management or business function or industry
  • Track 3:

    Students of MBA/ Master’s programs in TSI-affiliated business schools and universities

ABSP™ Certification Process – In a Glance

  • 01 Check ABSP™ Candidacy/ Eligibility
  • 02 Apply for ABSP™ Online
  • 03 Study for the Exam
  • 04 Take the ABSP™ Exam
  • 05 Await ABSP™ Award Decision
  • 06 Get your Digital Badge

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